Josephine Baker Memorial Page

Early Life

Josephine was born in East St. Louis, Missouri on June 3rd, 1906
She had to begin work at the age of 8, and her home was burnt down by racist rioters when she was only 10.
She was married twice before the age of 15, and at 19 she was invited to join a all-black theater group, which she accepted.
Josephine was surprised, but pleased when she got to France, because they did not racially segregate people.
Josephine became widely successful in france, and is belived to be the wealthiest black woman alive through these years.

WWII Espionage

Josephines performances were stopped due to the start of World War II. Some time later, Josephine used her fame and charisma to steal information from Nazis.
She would pin notes in her coats, write in invisible ink on her sheet music, and much more.
She would then take this information back to France, to assist in resistance against Nazi Germany.

Impact After Death

Despite Josephine dying in 1976, she is still remembered as someone who resisted, and is still highly respected.
In 2021, Josephine became the first black woman to be inducted into France's Panthéon. She remains buried in Monaco, but the casket at the Panthéon has been filled with dirt from locations that were signifigant to her.